Zen Stones


Vasudhinity stands for Vasudha + Unity i.e. unity of everything that exists on earth, irrespective of it being a living or non-living entity.

At Vasudhinity, we believe that our present socio-economic systems are failing us. We believe that our society needs a transformation, which can only come through the participation of the masses. Hence, we curate courses that aim to provide thorough understanding of the systems we presently have, and the alternatives we may possibly move towards. Our intention is to facilitate the emergence of a community that can lead the humanity towards a harmonious, equitable and sustainable (or regenerative) future.

In a nutshell, we are:

  • A Commons-based Academy for alternative holistic learning

  • A Knowledge Hub to generate knowledge for and by the community

  • A Lab to facilitate the communities to conduct their socio-economic experiments.